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I brought out the big gun...I bought the CSX 900 torch extender you offer and I hooked it up to my 20 lb propane tank. Now that was the ticket. It worked great when using a torch that melted it quickly. I grooved the cracks out with a 4" diamond blade on a grinder. Opening the cracks about 1/2" or so. I'm pleased with the way it turned out!

Jeff B.
Pittsburgh, PA

I wasn’t aware that anything like this existed! I used my heat gun to apply it to the cement garage ramp that meets my blacktop driveway, about 20 linear feet. It’s awesome how it connects the two materials (concrete & blacktop) together to prevent lifting from water damage and expansion. I even had enough left over to do some of the cracks on my cement garage floor. I felt like an expert after application.

E. Steelman
Roscommon, MI

A few years ago, I purchased Crack-Stix directly from you, as I don't believe it was available in Canada at that time. I used it to repair my asphalt driveway which is approximately 20 years old. I live in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada near Toronto. In this area, we experience temperatures ranging from below zero Fahrenheit to 90 plus, and in fact, almost 100 once this summer.

All repairs that I have made with Crack Stix, have maintained their integrity. If memory serves me, I did the first of these 3 years ago. I found out about your product at that time by accident. I now require more (it is a wide and long driveway) and I have ordered from Home Depot Canada because the shipping is much less within Canada.

This product is excellent, and is the only thing that permanently repairs the problem, in my experience. There are caulking tube applied rubberized products available from other companies, but they tend to dry out after a few years or less. Although a little more effort is required to apply your product with a torch, it is well worth it because it is a permanent solution.

I strongly believe in your excellent product.

R. Bowman
Kitchener, Ontario

My project was to seal the joints between concrete slabs. Crack-Stix is easy to place into the cracks, then heat with a torch (get the cane torch) and the material melts, flows, and seals well. Works for small to large cracks or spaces. I'm on my second tub.
John, Chicago

I have tried a lot of different products to seal my steep concrete driveway, and this product is the only one that works. This is because my driveway expands and contracts with the rains (clay soil), and any kind of concrete patch just breaks up. I have a nasty longitudinal crack in my driveway that varies from about 1/4" to almost 1" (it's an old driveway that was not built properly), and though it is difficult, I have been able to seal the crack totally. According to the directions, you lay the stick in the crack and melt it, but I've actually found it more useful to hold the stick and melt it into the crack (for anything less than the diameter of the stick). For the big cracks, it takes multiple applications, and I usually end up putting a few small rocks in the crack to fill the void up to a certain level, then finish off the seal with one last stick. It's a time consuming process, but it's the only thing I have found that actually works. I bought a hand held torch (with an automatic start), and a propane hose extension (so you don't have to hold the whole bottle all day long), which makes it a bit more comfortable. Seems a little pricey to me, but I guess I shouldn't complain, it seals my whole driveway for about $50...

Professional results without all the equipment. A little slow but if you are only doing a few cracks it is the way to go.
Tammy, Mill Creek, WA

Great product, gives a professional result. I appreciate that it does not leave a hump of material above the crack. I used the trowel patch to level the crack after using the Crack Stix. We followed up with seal coat topped with a sprinkle of sand to eliminate tracking. I worked on lot after business hours, the next business day there was No tracking with normal traffic.

New York City Parks & Recreation Department has been using Crack•Stix™ for years throughout their parks: protecting their pavement and preventing tripping accidents.


The beauty of this material is, just like the package says, its permanence. I used some two years ago to repair the joint between my asphalt drive and the concrete floor of my garage, and it's still fixed. Other repair materials I have used from the home improvement stores have been good for at best one season before they had to be re-repaired. The difference is that this product is melted into the crack where it bonds with the material being repaired. I tried a heat gun, but I strongly recommend using a torch as I wound up doing. This repair material will take a little longer to install, but you won't be redoing it over and over again. That's a good thing, and so is this product.

-JR Gary.

Dear Dalton Enterprises,

I have been using your Crack-Stix product for three years and just wanted to tell you what a great product you have!

As an Invisible Fence Brand Dealer we cut a notch in our client's driveway in order to lay wire around the properties perimeter and had always used a caulk type asphalt sealant on the driveway after installing our wire. I am always looking for high quality products in order to give me customer the best value for their investment. As I did some research on products for sealing asphalt I came across your product during an internet search. I initially inquired via your toll free number and was shipped some sample Crack-Stix product to try. I was impressed and placed my first order. We now order your product a pallet (60 pails) at a time! The quick drying time and the products durability are a appealing as well as a lower cost per foot over caulk type products. Once again thank you for a great product! We are one very satisfied customer!

Ralph J. Shenyo, Owner, Invisible Fence Lehigh Valley
Whitehall, PA

Cook Islands Airport in the South Pacific has used Crack Stix to fill cracks in their parking lot and where the jets are parked on the tarmac!

I have used A LOT of crack fillers from Menards over the years and none have ever worked. I tried this product and LOVED it! It takes a bit more time but is worth it. I used our handheld torch and it only took about a half hour to permanently seal the crack between our garage floor and our driveway!!

We found crackstix on the internet actually, and tried your product out. We love it so much and it works great that this is actually the 4th bucket we are ordering from you now. Very affordable & ships very fast.

Cumming, GA

I am stocking up - this is the greatest product for maintaining a driveway that has ever been made! Thank you!

George S.,
Scotts Valley, CA

I have been using your Patch Stixk's for a number of years now and so far I haven't found anything that comes close to the superior adhesiveness of Patch Stixk's. I used it five years ago and the area I sealed is still in excellent condition. Although it does take some time to put it down, it is well work it. I just ordered another 150 feet of the material. I live on a private drive with six other families and the drive is about 400 feet long. I am in hopes of finishing the drive by next summer. Thank you for your product all of my neighbors are amazed at how well it works.

Best Regards,
Milton L. Becker Jr.

I just had to tell you that your product "Pli Stix" is the next best thing to Peanut Butter. It does exactly what you explained it would accomplish. It was easy to use and performed to expectations. Thanks and congratulations on manufacturing a fine product.

Very satisfied customer
Warren B., East Northport, NY

My husband has used this product before. It works better than other types of crack fillers he has used. Thank you.

Laura K., Minneapolis, MN

Excellent Product. Crack Filler, Pli Stix, Best Ever Used. Perfect Repair.

S. Reiber

Hi Mr. Dalton,

Just dropping a line. I finished my driveway, with your LATEX-ITE CRACK ROPE FILLER!! The product was (IS) great! The prep work was the hard part, but w/ a high powered blower, elbow grease & a small trowel; I added some sand leaving a 1/4" or so... than came the fun part, rolled out the rope, fired-up the torch and BINGO! I was done in no time (200+ ft.) VERY HAPPY WITH THE RESULTS, LOOKS LIKE I WAS DOING THIS ALL MY LIFE!!!

I TURNED ALL MY FRIENDS & THE WHOLE BLOCK ONTO THIS PRODUCT. If you need people to speak-out about your product, I'm your man. Love it! I can't say enough about this great product. Next trip to the store is for the sealer; the airport grade; I'll let you know how easy or hard this stuff goes on!!

Keep up the great work - you have a very loyal customer, who will keep coming back 4 more latex-ite.

P. Slupianowski, Burlington, WI

Worked great, and just what we needed to fill a crack between the driveway and a newly installed barrier enclosing a border garden.

Also, it arrived at our doorstep promptly.

Many thanks,
T. Coolidge

I did use both products I purchased. Both (caulk and Pli-Stix) worked much better than I anticipated. Finally a product that actually filled the cracks and did not seep into them. Add me to your list of satisfied customers.

J. Hajdinyak

Hi....your product worked great, put in 1/2"x15' crack completely across driveway.

J. Hunter